Friday, 30 July 2010

A walk in the sunshine

The boys have been very bad and escaped from the field in Bonneville (again) causing us to spend a large chunk of yesterday morning yomping through vines looking for them, only to get a phone call from the Mairie here in Montcaret saying they'd turned up in someone's garden......I knew it was them, the description was "two big white horses, one with blue ears"......
So they will have to stay here till we can get the fences sorted out (again).

Went for a nice walk this morning with our friends' children taking it in turns to ride fat boy. Maverick was most  put out at being left behind and got more exercise than Gandalf galloping up and down the field neighing. We took Kinna too, as Mav has been terrorising her, whereas Sky shows him her back end and threatens to kick him!
They seem to get on OK although Kinna was calling for Sky for a bit.

When we got back, Ali took Gandalf out for a bit on his own. She's getting good at opening and closing the gate without dismounting!

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