Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Poney Club

So as Éowyn wants to start riding, what did we see in a local shop the other day but a flyer for a new pony club near us opening this week......I called, it seems they do a lesson for Ali at 10am and one for Éowyn at 11am on a Wednesday, very convenient so along we went this morning.

Brand new tack for the ponies, it was the first ever lesson, we had to get saddles & numnahs out of the packaging. Off to a good start as Ali got a spotty pony to ride!
He's called Obi-Wan, nice geeky name.......

There were only 3 of them in the class, turns out I know the mother of one of the others, she has Irish Cobs in Bonneville where Gandalf & Maverick  live. Also found out that the monitrice at this new place used to work at the place where we went for the open day on Sunday and has now set up on her own. The girls did lots of fun stuff in their lesson, she seems to be a good teacher, Ali really enjoyed it.

Nice little pony she had, Welsh x Shetland apparently.

And at the end, the Frankie Dettori flying dismount, needs a bit of work I feel......

As you can hear, Éowyn waited patiently through Ali's lesson (not), then it was finally her turn. She insisted on riding the white pony (Enzo) rather than the chestnut (Barbie), and was very good once on board, the monitrice is happy that I'm having to translate a bit for Éowyn as she wants to improve her English!

Think the smile says it all!

After about half an hour in the school we went for a little ride in the vines,
predictably, Mademoiselle wanted to go she did a little trot too!

Safe to say we'll be going back next week......

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