Saturday, 4 September 2010

Farrier time......

The farrier came again today to trim the girls' hooves. Kinna was none too impressed at first, she kept trying to get her foot back,

but after a while she realised it wasn't anything bad happening and settled down. She pushed her nose at me and rested her head in my hands, guess that means she trusts me.......

Skyfaxa was absolutely fine, just kept shoving her nose at me looking for food, didn't try snatching her feet away or moving at all.

She was very curious about the farrier, the poor man (I say man, he looks like he's about sixteen) got horse slobber on the back of his t-shirt, an occupational hazard I suppose!

Sky's feet were a bit of a mess actually, Kinna's looked lovely before and after, but Sky's were cracked and chipped before:

 and looked much better after!

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