Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Meeting a serious rider......

Went for a very long ride (for us) today. Last night someone from one of my horse forums came to stay at Jane's with her horse, Samba, a very handsome Arab x Boulonnais gelding. She is doing a tour of south Dordogne so this morning we went with her for the morning. She usually does 10 hours a day but we only did 3 this morning, guess we held her up a bit....! It was great fun though and at lunchtime we parted company and Jane & I headed back home.

Some photos:
Heading out

Yes, Gunther, your house is still there......

Meeting some Percheron friends

Down by the Dordogne

Stopping for a snack!

Gandalf likes blackberries......

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BeefKing said...

nice to see home :)

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