Friday, 21 January 2011

All together now.....

Took the boys and girls all up to Bonneville today, Mav was a bit excited but apart from that it went very well! The girls took it all in their stride and were curious about things but not really spooky.

When we went up a steep hill, Mav got a bit silly because he'd rather have cantered up it....

.... so I ended up with both girls for a while and they were very good.
And once we were at the top of the hill it was very windy but they didn't use that as an excuse for being too lively, in fact all they wanted to do was eat.....
We had to go through the woods too, no problem

And then we got to the boys' usual field, the girls couldn't believe their luck! Much running about ensued

It was actually quite fun taking them all out at once once they'd settled down, we're going to do it some more!

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