Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kinna's turn..... go out on a hack. Poor Gandalf had an extra passenger today:
but he didn't seem to mind! Kinna started out well, but then decided she objected to not being allowed to graze the whole time and pulled lots of faces and showed poor Gandalf her teeth a few times!
Apart from that, she seemed to take the world in general in her stride, at one point a huge dog came rushing out to play with Choccy, Kinna had a good look but seemed to be OK about it, even when it was right under her!

So she went right back to annoying Gandalf......When the teeth came too close to SNO's leg, that was enough and she got off, which left me better able to deal with mademoiselle's shenanigans!

Lots of cars went past, even a moped and Kinna was fine.

After a while, SNO started whining about having to walk, so I put her back on Gandalf and led Kinna home.
Nice afternoon out with my girls!

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