Friday, 14 January 2011

A more relaxed hack.....

Well, what a difference a day makes! Just got back from a fabulous hack - on Gandalf with Skyfaxa in tow. She was such a good girl, no sillyness, followed along nicely, had a good look round but didn't seen bothered by anything, the only time she spooked was when we went past a tractor with those pneumatic vine trimmers attached, it wasn't the noise of them that bothered her but that the reels were moving as the guys moved further along the vines! Even Gandalf wasn't too keen on getting nearer to them......

We met a nice man out with his dog, he took a pic for me, Sky is intent on getting her head down to graze, hence the expression!
A few more pics:

Went past the same donkeys as yesterday but they didn't seem keen on coming to see us this time!

and when we got back, there were two little faces waiting for us!

Kinna's turn next.......

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