Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The dentist came.....

...and everyone was pretty well behaved, really. The dentist is a lovely chap, very calm and unworried and the horses sensed this and were at ease with him.

Chester was his usual laid back self, even had a bit of nose wobbling going on which he usually does when he's getting a scratch so he must have been feeling good about it!

I brought Seraphina over whilst he was being done so she could have a look at what was going on and when it was her turn she was as good as gold.
He said she has excellent teeth, which is usual for Fjords apparently, and needed very little doing.
Even Sorcier was OK with it, a little apprehensive at first but he soon settled down.

After that we went up to see the boys and Maverick decided he wasn't having any of this strange metal stuff anywhere near him at first, he even did a couple of little rears......

But Ian persevered and got there in the end. He doesn't tie them up, if they start moving around he just goes with them and they soon realise it doesn't hurt and that moving away doesn't make it stop so they let him get on with it. Bit of a change from the French vet who came to do it last time and sedated them all as a matter of course......

Gandalf was a star as usual although he apparently kept trying to chew on the rasp......
....and it was hard work because he has very tough teeth!

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