Friday, 29 April 2011

Horse transporters r us

Yesterday we spent the day moving horses around! First we had to take Soso up to the stables where he'll be at livery all summer. He didn't want to load. We spent nearly an hour getting him in the trailer, he eventually went in but as soon as the ramp went up he panicked big time and we were worried he'd do himself an injury so I fetched Seraphina and loaded her next to him, which calmed him down.

So off we went, unloaded them at the other end, Soso was a bit stressed so Seraphina had to go with him and check out the stable block.....
She had to stay with him until another horse was fetched so he wouldn't be on his own. Then she went back in the trailer, calm as you like!

We went back and fetched Chester then took the two of them to the new field I've rented.

The new field has a LOT of grass so I've cordoned off a small bit to start with, before they went in there we let then have a hooley around in my friend's big field next to it
then they went down to the new bit, they are as happy as the proverbial pigs in poo!!

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