Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Label Loisir tests

Just got back, both the boys did really well and are now qualified for the Label Loisir! There are 3 levels, qualifié, Selectionné and Élite. Unfortunately for us it seems that half the marks go for the looks and movement of the horse and only half on doing the course of obstacles so it was a bit disheartening to see people on pretty fully papered horses who spooked at all sorts of things getting a higher mark than our two hairy fat unpapered cobs.

Never mind, we had fun and I was really proud of Ches (and Tanya) who did better than Gandalf on the course, G was difficult about going into the lorry and going over the tarp, neither of which is a problem at home, he was having a bit of an off day I think.

Tanya even got him to jump!

Gave my camera to Ali and she managed to miss us doing our stuff so good job Jo and Stewart were there, Stewart videoed everything thankfully.......

Our OHs turned up with a fabulous picnic lunch, including home made curry pies and sausages rolls from Tanya's Gary, and lashings of wine, which the boys proceeded to sit and quaff whilst we did our stuff As usual at these things there was a lot of hanging around before any action so they got absolutely sh*t faced

Jo's Socianda was a star too, and got Selectionné

More pics here and a (rather long) video here

Sorry about some of them being grainy, less than sober OH pressed the wrong setting I'm sure Stewart's will be much better!

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