Wednesday, 1 February 2012


....what we learned at the weekend. As Sky and Kinna are currently down at Tanya's where there's a round pen. Ali got Kinna in, and worked on getting her attention, which was OK to start with:

But Kinna is hard work, even Eric said that the other day, and this next bit clearly shows what happens if the horse realises you don't MEAN what you're doing, and they always do know!! (it also shows why you shouldn't teach your own kids, I get so impatient, Eric is much nicer to her..... )
So I had to take over, and she decided to be bit, um, uncooperative......that's teenagers for you.
So we went to plan B for Ali and got Sky.....she is a much more cooperative kind of horse so although Ali still had problems keeping her attention, she got there in the end with no silly behaviour!

After that I had her sit on for a bit and just do nothing. Then every time she moved of her own accord, Ali clicked her tongue so we can hopefully start her learning that this is the cue for moving under saddle as well as on the ground......

Ali was still sitting on her when Tess and Caitlin arrived on Fina and Chester and Sky was so cool about that, Kinna was bombing about like a loony in the field.

So top marks to Sky, Kinna gets "could do better....."

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