Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another soggy CSO

Another SJ comp today, another soaking...... :roll:

It had rained all night, it rained all morning, we were very careful where we parked the horseybego as we wanted to be able to get it out of there again, even got shouted at by an irate little Frenchman for being in the way of his chemin (we weren't).

The arena was waterlogged and the sand was very deep, so the horses were not impressed. In the first class, a 50cm preparatoire (clear round class) Polo decided he really didn't want to jump at all and Ali did what has to be the slowest round I've ever seen but she was clear for the first time ever so she got a rosette and was happy.

Then the second class was a club 4 vitesse, there was nothing speedy about that either, Hollie did really well to get Polo round after he put in a few more stops, and Ali just had one down. So she was second and Hollie third. The winner was an adult, so I reckon they did pretty well.......

Got a vid of Ali's second class, you can see how wet it was! And how Fina wanted to get out of there every time she headed to the gate......

Some of the other competitors didn't take things steady at all and a fair few ended up with a lot of that sand decorating their clothes having come off, as did poor Elodie on Peter who hit the deck when he put a stop in....and one poor girl came off and was out cold when her horse spooked at something, so the pompiers were called. Don't really understand why the French always have a bloke with a dodgy disco at their shows but no medical staff on stand by...... :|

More pics here and Tanya took a load with her posh camera, so hopefully more to follow.......

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