Monday, 25 June 2012

The things you see when you haven't got a gun......

Was quite frankly gobsmacked by some of the thigs I saw yesterday at the CSO. There was one riding centre owner present who has a terrible reputation round here, but I had previously never had dealings with him, but boy did  I find out his reputation was well deserved!Firstly, he got on some poor girl's horse to "show it who's boss" (without a hat on in front of all those kids too) and rode it like this

Then there was a tiny tot on a Shetland who had no control over the pony whatsoever, which kept rushing back to the gate, so he went in there, grabbed its reins, yanked it several times in the mouth then literally dragged it round the course and flung it over every jump

and the piece de resistance for me was this guy, who was riding for his club, this was so bad I actually videoed it

Quite unbelievable, that is what I would call someone bullying horses!

In contrast, the lady who was running the show had a lovely way with her pupils and some nicely trained horses, including this Fjord x Arab who did a cracking round with a nice rider

I even heard her telling one of her students not to pull back on the reins, but to use one rein and lift and open it so the horse couldn't pull all made sense when I talked to her afterwards and discovered she'd done her training with.....................Isabelle at Beaumont :-)

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