Sunday, 24 June 2012

Clever girls.....

Really, really proud of Seraphina, she did two clear rounds at the competition today :-)

The first was in the 50cm preparatoire which is basically clear round jumping, there were only 3 clears out of 17 entries, Ali was dead chuffed to get a little trophy. Then she did the pony 5 class which was 65cms and they went clear but didn't win.

Fina was really well behaved today, Ali rode her in the bitless bridle and there was a lot less arguing than last time when she has a bit in. She didn't like the look of one of the jumps and hesitated but Ali got her over, she put in a massive jump though and Ali did well to stay on

Here's the vid of her second class
And for once, it didn't rain!

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Martine said...

Yay! Congrats Ali & Fina!

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