Friday, 4 January 2013

Good girl, Sky!

Last couple of days we have been getting Sky out and about, thought she'd be a bit of a nightmare as she hasn't done anything for weeks, but she was really good, on the whole. Yesterday we went over to our friends' place to help stack firewood, Ali rode Sky, I walked and the SNO cycled, when we got there I tied her up in the garden and she grazed happily for an hour and a half, occasionally tying herself in knots but the just standing there with her leg in the air just waiting for me to untangle her.....

Only one blot on the copybook, on the way home she tried to bog off, actually cantered down the road for a few strides, I was thinking "see you at home, Ali" but fair play, Ali stopped her using the old one rein stop and after that Sky went back to being Mrs Sensible.

As we were passing it, I just had to see if she was still up for the staircase on the passerelle over the railway and she was, more so than Ali, check out the expression!

Decided it wouldn't be prudent for her to stay on board for the descent though.....
So there we are, the next time Isabelle puts a staircase on the TREC route, we'll be sorted :-)

Today we took Sky out again, Ali was on the lead rein for most of it, which made my life complicated due to having the SNO on the front of my saddle again (school holidays and all my usual babysitters are away, jolly inconsiderate of them). How Gandalf rode all the way from Edoras to Minas Tirith with a hobbit up front and didn't lose the use of his arms I'll never know... ;-) I guess Pippin didn't wriggle about so much......

Did some trotting too and Sky tried to canter the first time, with a very genteel little buck, but after that soon settled down.

When Ali felt brave enough to go off the lead rein, Sky even went in front, which is more than Seraphina will do without an argument most days......

Then when we got back we did a bit of steering practise:

A good start, on the whole :-)

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