Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pastures new.....

Almost two years ago, a yellow pony arrived with us, I wrote about it here. She was insecure, nervous and unpredictable and it quickly became evident that I needed to start again from scratch to gain her confidence.

Today, she had enough confidence in me to consent to leave the herd (wasn't over keen on leaving Sorcier, mind you), get into her least favourite trailer (mine) and travel to a new loan home. She is going to stay with my friend Sheila down in the Lot for a while to see if things work out there. Ali has sadly outgrown her to the point that she is finding it difficult to balance for jumping, at the rate she's growng I'll need something about 17hh soon!

Sheila however is the perfect size for her, knows her from coming up to ride with us and has the patience and skills to keep her on track, so I think  she will be happy there.

She certainly seemed happy earlier, when she met Sheila's pony Lucie for the first time there was none of the drama we had on her arrival with us!
I think they'll get on fine :-)

Hopefully I'll soon be reading about her progress on Sheila's  blog.


Martine said...

Aw, you must be sad, but how nice that she's going to someone you know so well. I hope it works out for everyone.

Marie Cousens said...

So sad to loose a family friend like that but if Ali has outgrown her (could you keep her for Eowyn?)at least she'll be ridden and have fun. You've done sterling work with her and all credit to your ability with animals.

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