Saturday, 12 January 2013

So far this year.....

Kinna has done a whole 28kms, most of them under saddle. Bearing in mind last year she did a mere 70kms (recorded) out and about in 12 months, she should be seeing a whole lot more of the world in 2013.

Have been taking her out with Ali on board but still on the lead rope, just in case. Most of the time she is fine, a bit bouncy to start with usually and prone to the odd bucking fit if her feet touch grass and she's not allowed to eat it, but generally she is getting the idea that she needs to take some notice of the person on her back!

The aim for me is to get the whole going for a hack thing to be so ordinary she takes it for granted. Already she is better with a lot of the things that used to freak Seraphina out - like Ali shifting her weight on her back:
....and going in front sometimes (makes the rope juggling for me a bit tricky, mind you!)
The only thing that bothered her on today's hack was a couple of deer bursting out of the woods and bounding across the road in front of us, even big G was startled by that! But he just stood and stared, whereas Kinns was prancing around snorting with her little excuse for a tail in the air, wish I'd had a helmet cam as she looked rather stylish.......

When we got back to the village, we jumped the ditch where she'd had her little hissy fits before at not being able to eat, and she did it perfectly, without even a head shake. So she got some grass :-)

And Ali tried her standing dismount back home, not bovvered one bit!

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