Saturday, 2 March 2013

Another lake ride

So  today we rode to the lake. The weather forecast lied to us about it being sunny. Until we were almost home of course, then a bit of sun broke through, just in time to get this pic of Kinna cantering like a sensible big grown up horsie

She has been a total star today, no spooking, no bucking, no throwing her toys out of the pram about not being allowed to graze, no acting up when a load of baby Lippizaners came hooleying up to the fence (why do they breed so many? Are they destined for lasagne or Ikea meatballs?)

We have been past massive tractors, several bonfires, lots of yapping dogs (some loose), through dense woodland requiring some contortion from her rider, over ditches, up and down steep banks, through massive puddles and she has calmly done it all


She really has exceeded my expectations today :-)

She even went for a splash in the lake

Sky on the other hand was a pain in the arse, because she wanted the grass, so there was the usual protest in the form of planting, going backwards, stopping dead and doing a little prance about, so that, coupled with the fact that she was cold due to the lack of sun, caused the SNO to bail out when we got to Jane's, so she went to the lake in the car with her father and Sky got to spend all day in the field being chased around by Maverick. She must have annoyed him as she's got a huge bite mark on her back!

Managed to get her to do a bit of sensible cantering on the way home though.....

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