Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pink my ride.....

Here's an article from the Daily Mail I saw today. No I don't read the ghastly rag, it was on Facebook this morning. Now aside from the concerns that I have with attaching bits of metal to a horse's hoof anyway, being a fluffy barefoot treehugger type, my other complaint is why do they have to come in pink?

Why do traditional nail on shoes come in pink too?

or hoof boots?

What's the point? They're going to end up covered in shit mud anyway, aren't they? So is this....

...and this
Now as the mother of a five year old pink princess I can understand that little girls might like to have everything in pink and are too young to know how damn impractical it all is (and presumably mummy will clean everything anyway). But an increasing number of grown women seem to be parting with their hard earned cash for pink nasties, and a quick Google reveals you can get just about anything in the puke inducing puce....I mean, who thinks this would look good on their horse?
or this?

or this?
or this?
Well, she does, obviously, but don't get me started on that.....
I know this will probably annoy even more people than previous rants, but I really do HATE pink!!!


Martine said...

Oh thank god I thought you were going to be a pro-pinker. When we met Madame La French Barefoot Lady last year, I was immediately repelled by her bright pink jeans, work gloves and trug for carrying all her kit.

trudi said...

Hehehe I'm a pink girl through and wellies, pink wheelie....need I go on? :-P

Silke said...

I BURN pink things.
My almost mother in law insisted for YEARS to give me pink stuff for birthdays, christmas and whatnot -- I burned all of it. ALL of it.
Hell no.
I even hate Oz's old headcollar because it faded from red to some kind of yucky pinkish color.

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