Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I love it when a plan comes together.....

After the erm, interesting, time we had with Nahiade at the SJ competition, today I borrowed Ocarina's Dr Cook bitless to try with her during Ali's lesson. Have to say they were a bit sceptical up at the stables - will she be able to steer without a bit? What about the brakes? - but fair play to Carole for giving it a go. It appears that poor Nahiade has some sloppy dental work done in her previous home by someone with an electric rasp and that's why she's so sensitive in her mouth :-(

We noticed an immediate difference in her today, she still carries her head high, but nowhere near as much as she used to......

......and the real test, jumping, showed that she didn't feel the need to tank off after a jump (which she used to do at the club, albeit to a lesser degree than at that show), she stayed in a steady rhythm. And because she seemed less stressed, her roaring was much diminished :-)

 And the steering and brakes worked ;-) So Carole is going to order her a bitless bridle of her own.

Ali said she could really feel the difference in stress levels. You can see what she used to get like in this pic from a few weeks ago:

Days like today really do make it all worthwhile :-)

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Wow, excellent!

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