Monday, 16 November 2009

Researching her pedigree

I spoke to Skyfaxa's breeder the other day to get the details of her breeding. Not a lot for her mother, she's registered with the Gypsy Cob Society simply as "Melba", a white cob. Bit of a dead end.

Much more detail with the stallion though. He is Capitall Hadrian by Capitall Hefin out of Capitall Martha, both Appaloosas.

Capital Hefin

Capitall Hefin's sire was Capitall Cyril (left), he was 15.2 hh.
Capitall Martha was by a Thoroughbred called Paper Cap, he was 16.2 hh, so maybe she'll get bigger than I thought!


Rochelle said...

Beautiful Appies! Are these called Leopard Spots? And, are these guys on allbreed?

Helen said...

Yes, they're Leopard Appaloosas and most of them are on allbreed, but not her sire......

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