Monday, 9 November 2009

One out and one in.....

Flecha's new owner came to get him on Friday, true to form he ambled into the trailer no problem and immediately started tucking into the haynet she'd brought for him. She phoned later to say he'd arrived after his 2 and a half hour trip as cool as a cucumber, went into the field with his new Shetland friend and they sniffed each other then started eating! He's made friends with the Fjords in the next field too! So no worries there......we'll go up and see them in a couple of weeks and get some pics.

Then on Saturday we went to fetch Noisette, she was a star! She's never been out of the field she was born in 6 years ago, she's never been on her own away from her mother and sister, but it only took about 10 minutes to tempt her into the trailer with a few carrots! She travelled OK (only 10 minutes from my place) and when we lowered the ramp she didn't come out straight away as she was too busy looking for bits of food left on the floor.....she's in the paddock here with the goats and has hardly made any noise, just got on with stuffing her face. She's not too sure about the goats though, she keeps her distance.....but she doesn't seem bothered about the chickens & ducks flapping around. She looks a bit lost to me, hopefully that will change when Skyfaxa arrives!

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