Friday, 13 November 2009

Skyfaxa v. electric fence

Well, the trouble has started.......went out to check on them Wednesday night and I'm glad I did as there was electric tape all over the floor and a load of snapped fence posts..... She'd obviously got caught in the electric tape and panicked (yes, the fence was on!!) and snapped off a load of posts - luckily they were only the pine ones and not the heavy acacia ones so they broke easily. Managed to get her & Noisette into the box (so glad I had an extra big one built) and check her over, you can see where she had the tape round her neck but thankfully all her pulling hadn't broken the skin. So now I'm off to buy a load of plastic piquets to redo the fence........!Still, on the plus side she is now terrified of electric tape.......

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