Monday, 30 August 2010

Seraphina's training

Went down to Rochelle's today to see Seraphina having a lesson with the trainer, Odile. Predictably we were a bit late as the kids couldn't be arsed to get up early (if we hadn't been going anywhere, Éowyn would've been up at 6 obviously....). Equally predictably, Éowyn wouldn't be quiet during the lesson so I had to go and shut her in the car, along with Chocolate who thought Seraphina would like to play with her like Sky and Kinna do........

Anyway, I eventually got to watch some of her session. Mademoiselle is rather "tetue" and has her own ideas about stopping (or not) when asked.
Odile just asked her quietly again and again until she decided to cooperate. She called me into the round pen to walk alongside and ask her to stop using the lunge line attached to the headcollar at the same time as Odile gave her the signal with the reins, and she picked it up pretty quickly - Seraphina is very good with everything on the ground but has yet to translate it to what goes on under saddle. We then had a session of dismounting and remounting (Odile, not me, obviously, wouldn't want to squash the poor pony!) without her moving, again, she got that after a few attempts.

She looks pretty good when she's paying attention and cooperating!

After a fantastic lunch, we took the girl for a walk to find a bit of nice grass. Seraphina tried to stop a few times for a munch when I didn't want her to, Freya used to try that too, doesn't work with me! She was fine with the dogs and the Small Naughty One running around, she's very laid back in hand. Just need to get her totally laid back under saddle too!

 She's a very pretty girl......

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