Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Label Loisir

Had never heard of this before....until the other day when Isabelle at the Beaumont riding school told me there was a competition next month and asked if we were interested.....

Basically it's a series of tests to see how good you and your horse would be at things you'd encounter out and about. Bit like the "parcours de terrain varié" bit of Trec. So I have got hold of the handbook and thought we'd have a go at some of the stuff.

There's loads of tests you may get, like loading and unloading, standing still to be mounted from either side, going through water, gate opening, going round cones, reversing, going past flags, umbrellas, animals, building sites, over bridges, under hanging stuff etc etc.

Here's a little video of the stuff we've done so far, didn't think Ganders would be too bothered, and he wasn't.....

More to follow.......and we'll be doing some with Chester, he's coming along too!

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