Sunday, 13 March 2011

Our first "rallye"......

Tanya and I took the boys for a lovely day out today, despite the terrible weather forecast we didn't even get wet!

There was a 21km or a 28km ride, we did the 21, but had to cheat (luckily they gave us a map) as having been overtaken by everyone we realised if we didn't cut a few corners we'd never get home !!

Chester was a very good boy, the first couple of times people went past he was keen to follow them, but after that he realised that wasn't allowed and soon settled down.

Some pics:

Loads more pictures here.
We did a fair bit of trotting and even had a bit of a canter (but I had to stop and go back as my hip flask fell out of my pocket!), Ches was very good and stopped when I wanted him to and even stood still for me to get back on!

So it was a great outing for our first "rallye", hopefully the first of many.....

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