Saturday, 19 March 2011

Our first driving lesson.....

Had a great morning today up at the Centre Equestre in Beaumont (where we did the Trec last year), we hitched a ride to Tess and Caitlin's driving lesson, and Ali had a go too.

We harnessed up the ponies and set off in the local Intermarché car park! There's a nice empty bit at the far end where Isabelle set up some cones and soon had eveyone weaving round them......

Can you believe this gorgeous pony was sent for slaughter, but Isabelle has contacts with the local horse butchers and they asked her if she'd take it as it was too nice to go for meat!?

A great experience, will definitely be going back for more lessons, Ali is doing a competition next weekend being "groom" for Caitlin!!

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