Friday, 16 December 2011

The farrier came

Farrier came this morning (eventually, over an hour late). Got the ponies in from the field, it's a wild wet and windy day here so they were a bit skittish but settled down with a haynet by the stables.
Took some pics of Ebony's feet before the trim

Bit of a mess.......

She was a good girl for him mostly

only tried to rear a couple of times......!

Her feet are a lot better now, he said she's had laminitis, you can see where the laminae have come unravelled at the toe from this pic of a bit he cut off.....
Ruby wasn't too bad either, she only tried to bite him the once

 A couple of times when the wind really got up she didn't want to stay still so he had to let go of her and she flinched away, clearly expecting to get walloped for moving :-(

So now they have nice trimmed feet

Pretty good girls considering how awful the weather is!


Martine said...

Jeez Ebony's feet were pretty bad.
The "laminae" pic is interesting too, I am becoming more & more fascinated by feet. A foot fetish?? Hoof fetish, maybe?

Helen Barnes said...

It's a fascinating subject, Martine, check this site out:

English Rider said...

Those feet look so much better. I hope the worst of your storm is over.

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