Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Getting to know the girls

Spent a bit of time with the pones today. They weren't too sure about my dog at first, but then she was running round like a loony growling for no readily apparent reason......once they realised she was actually more scared of them than they were of her they stopped worrying!

Ebony is starting to trust us already, Ali spent ages grooming and scratching her and generally being nice to her. We picked up her feet, no problems, hope it'll be the same for the farrier on Friday...

Got some more ticks off her too, and bot eggs......and tried Kinna's old rug on for size, although she doesn't need it yet, very mild here again.

So mild in fact as I was amazed to discover there were about 20 mouches plates under poor old Ruby!! Rubes reminds me of Chester when he arrived, she makes the ears back "I'm cross back off or I'll bite you" face, but within half an hour she'd stopped doing it as nothing bad had happened to her. She stood with her top lip wobbling whilst I removed all the mouches and a fair few ticks.....

When we picked her feet up she wasn't so keen but she did it without too much protest. She was giving everything a good looking at, even people walking along on the far side of the river, I guess they didn't have a lot going on in the last place, their field was down a private lane so there wan't a lot passing by! They haven't met the SNO yet, that should be interesting ;-)

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