Monday, 19 December 2011

A little outing.....

Well the holidays are here which means more time to do stuff with we took her and Fina up to Beaumont to do a 2 day stage for her Galop de Pleine Nature, which is like the usual Galop exams but with less boring schooling stuff and more TREC like things, it's all about the everyday out and about leisure rider.

Seraphina had a nice new set of travel gear (early Xmas present for Ali)
She was a bit reluctant to get in the trailer and leave the others but it didn't take us long to load her and she travelled well. We left her in a box at Isabelle's whilst Ali and the others went for lunch, Tanya and I had to go off to Bergerac for a bit, then I went back later in the afternoon to see what they were up to.

As I arrived, I saw Ali and Fina all tacked up and ready to go.......waiting for the French to finish faffing........

Eventually a load of small ponies emerged from the stables and Ali tagged along behind them.

They all did the PTV course which Isabelle had set up in the school, a bit soggy but never mind....

Seraphina looked a bit out of place with the Shetlands......! But then the little ones went back in and Ali tagged along with the horses and did the course again, here's the video:

She was pretty well behaved overall, occasionally trying to drag Ali over to other horses, there were the usual loose ones wandering about to add to the confusion in the school, she was very interested in one of them!
After they'd finished, we settled her in for the night in her stable, she seemed happy enough......
All good experience for her!

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Martine said...

A tad mucky alright! Seraphina looks very relaxed about it all, good job Ali!

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