Sunday, 11 December 2011

What Sundays are for......

Got loads done today, went out for a hack this morning with the Speed Twins, Gary and Hollie, here's the  map and photos, we did a bit of ditch jumping practise, Gandalf and Polo, no problem, but Sorcier had to be persuaded over most of them!! Gandalf wore himself out again trying (and failing)to keep up with Sorcier.....

Then this afternoon I went out with my girls, Skyfaxa was very good about Fina cantering away.... fact nothing bothers her as long as she can eat grass!

Discovered on the way back that she'll do some nice lateral moves if she thinks it'll get her to the grass on the verge!

And we discovered some pretty spotties, one of them looks a lot like Sky's sire, must find out who they belong to.

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