Sunday, 22 April 2012

The London Marathon

Well, today was erm, interesting......
Yesterday we got to Excel to pick up Mike's bib etc, were pleasantly surprised to have to queue for all of five minutes compared to the nearly four hours for Paris. Some organisation at last, we thought, compared to the piss up in a brewery not being organised at all in Paris.

However, today in London we (the spectators) rapidly discovered that the great organisation began with and ended with the runners. Today the fastest way to move around London was to be in the race......

Got to Greenwich, discovered barriers everywhere manned by marshals or police so no nipping over the road wherever you fancied like in Paris. Saw Mike at about 6 miles in, no problem. Then tried to get back on the train.........

Security people everywhere, massive queues, ended up walking miles instead. Then spent an ill advised hour standing on a small ledge in front of some railings which had a good view but made my back ache a lot. Mike arrived just after I'd had enough and had got back down to street level.

Then we had to fight our way to the finish, Mike having the easy option of running there, us having to get on a train, get off at one station, be told that the station we needed was shut, walk to a third station.......wait ages to be able to use the crossing to get to the finishers area, piss ups and breweries were definitely back on!

Still, he made it, very tired but happy. And the pink hair was real, (despite some people thinking it was a Photoshop job) and it worked, he ceratinly got noticed.......!

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Martine said...

Yay, well done, I was wondering how he got on! Pity you couldn't see him a bit more though

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