Sunday, 15 April 2012

One down....

Well here we are in Paris just having a glass of wine to recover from the Paris Marathon today, Mike had to run it obviously but the kids and I spent the whole time rushing up and down steps to Metro stations, standing in overcrowded trains and then on freezing cold and windy streets waiting for him to put in an apperance! He now has no reason to complain about hanging around at the next TREC or SJ comp we do........

Things I have to change before doing it all again in London next week: wear shoes more comfortable than jodhpur boots for yomping around a city, get Mike to dye his hair pink or something so he's easier to spot, and if humanely possible leave the SNO behind!!!

Mike is in pretty good shape, considering, having followed the advice in the official guide to the letter (think they might need to use a proper translation service next time):

 The small bandages for his tits worked well so I didn't get the complaining about jogger's nipple this time (got no sympathy from me anyway, I remember breastfeeding)

A week to recover, then off to do it all again in London. Still time to sponsor us here.


Martine said...

HEEHEE, two small bandages for your tits..... no I will never grow up!

I promise to drop by & sponsor in the next day or two, best of luck to Mike & team

Helen Barnes said...

We're still giggling about that one too, Martine!
Really enjoying your pics from Le Big Trek, glad you're having better weather down south!

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