Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lovely day with my daughter

Went for a nice Bank Holiday ride on Monday. Ali and I rode up to Jane's in Bonneville, then swapped our two mounts for Ocarina and Maverick. Ali put him through his jumping paces again, he seems to quite enjoy it....

...and I did some more of the bending stuff with Ocarina. She's very stiff on the left rein and leans in like a motorbike, I've been trying to get her to stop leaning in and flex better.....

There were some nice soft moments but she's very resistant to the hand sometimes and tense through her neck

She's also in a hurry all the time so we did some standing still and doing nothing practise and I worked on slowing her down every time she rushed.
Jane wants me to come and work with her regularly, might have to find time to do that......

Nice ride home afterwards too :-)

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