Saturday, 4 May 2013

Cross country!

So yesterday it was cross country day, Carole is in the process of building a course so we had a few fences to play with. Again, Nahiade was a star and really seemed to enjoy doing something other than going round in circles in the sand school.
As she still hasn't got a bitless bridle for her, we tried Gandalf's new Micklem and she really seemed to appreciate it, maybe it was the bridle, maybe the Myler comfort snaffle, maybe the two, and maybe Ali's soft hands but there was far less head-in-the-air-taking-off......
She was the only one who was prepared to go in the water at first, Ali soon had her cantering through it, but all the others went in eventually, some more readily than others!

Caitlin was riding Sun, a big trotter who is very enthusiastic but is a big baby about things sometimes. Think he enjoyed the jumping too though :-)
Very pleasant day out, although I ended up doing 6kms on foot following them around the course, so no need to do any cycling for the 5x50! Chox enjoyed it too, I reckon......
Little bit of video here:
 Really fancy a go at some XC myself now, wonder if Gandalf would mind?

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The micklem looks good on Nahiade!

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