Sunday, 19 May 2013

Kinna goes for a little outing....

Took Kinns up to the club yesterday as Polo was going anyway and there was a space in the trailer. She was pretty good really, had a look at a lot of things but wasn't spooked or silly

 - apart from when she decided she'd rather eat the grass than ride over it (as per usual) and had a Tigger moment

Ali took her into the sand school after the lesson and again there was another boing as she didn't fancy going round in there when there was grass to be had outside, but eventually she got the message, did a bit of nice canter and we left it at that.
She liked Carole's Arab, Idaa.....

and the new foalie, Crack
Then during the second hour of lessons we had to leave her in a stable next to Idaa who was objecting to being left in on his own, she didn't turn a hair :-)

Don't think we'll have to many problems if Ali wants to have  the odd lesson on her up there.....

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