Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Yeah, sure, I'll help out.......

Have spent so much time banging on about the new girl I haven't had time to blog about last weekend - our riding club's first competition of the year. Being a generally helpful sort of person I immediately volunteered my services (and Mike's, whether he wanted them volunteered or not) to help out in whatever way I could. Clearly having no idea just how much there would be to do........

So I spent the weekend (and the Friday before) marking out arenas, getting rained on, carrying showjumps around (turns out they are rather heavy), running about putting poles back up the inconsiderate competitors had allowed their horses to knock down, rallying various small girls to get their act together, saddling horses and ponies, consoling small tearful girls who had hit the dirt, photographing and videoing rounds, helping to catch runaway horses and, most annoyingly of all, hanging around during OFAT (Obligatory Faffing About Time) which seems to be inherent to any kind of equestrian event here in France.

Was bloody knackered by Sunday evening!

High points included Ali winning a class on Ches who was an absolute star, catching up with some mates and seeing them have fun on their neds, the sun coming out to play on the Sunday oh, and we found time for the odd glass of wine :-)

The kids enjoyed it too, I reckon.......

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