Sunday, 26 May 2013

The new girl

Been a bit busy this week. On Thursday, we took Kinns down to my friend Sarah's near Montauban as she is going to spend the summer there getting an introduction to classical dressage. As we were driving all that way (huge thanks to my chauffeur, Tanya), I thought it might be worth checking out  this little cutie whose ad I'd seen on the internet

Turns out she was worth it, not just because she looks like she should be in a L'Oréal ad (and one of my friends thinks she looks like Pamela Anderson) but because she is an unspoilt baby who was a bit apprehensive but was nonetheless prepared to let us take her away from all that she knew and stick her in a trailer (twice).
So she is here now, settling in with Sky at the new field down the road we've been offered the use of, it's clear she's not been handled much, has never had to give her feet, Howard is coming to trim tomorrow, I suspect we won't get much done. She's also had a headcollar on for too long and has a scab under her chin due to it rubbing. And she still has a lot of foal coat, needs a bit of a grooming session.
But we'll get there. She doesn't even know what a carrot is, just like Kinns didn't at first.....she's a yearling, Comtois x Mérens, will definitely get big and chunky enough to carry me around one day, her legs are nearly as wide as Sky's already :-/
Oh, and her "official" name is......Céline. Which I hate. So we are currently brainstorming a better one....

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English Rider said...

She looks and sounds promising. Good luck with the naming puzzle. (anything's better than Celine:)

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