Wednesday, 9 November 2011

All change.......

All change here, have swapped Gandalf for Chester who needs some boot camp. Today, Ali & I rode to Tanya's with Kinna on the lead rein. Gandalf is going to stay with Tanya so she can ride him out with Hollie on Polo and Kinna will be staying to keep Soso company as he can't really cope with being alone. For some reason, Gandalf was in a hurry and trotted most of the way there. At one point he got on the grass verge and decided he wanted to canter so I let him thinking Kinns would follow, but she stopped dead and started eating so I let go of the rope and G carried on cantering til the end of the verge. So we pulled up and looked back and Kinna was........still eating grass!!! As was Fina.......

Anyway, we carried on and eventually we got to the vines and did a proper canter with Kinna joining us, but she's like a baby giraffe and easily outruns G, I kept having to haul her back....she is going to be a fantastic horse one day.

So we got to Tanya's, put Kinna and G in the field, Ali couldn't resist a little jump..... Chester out and I rode him home. He was SOOOO naughty, spooking at stuff he really isn't scared of, refusing to stand still, wanting to rush off after Fina when Ali cantered away, just generally testing to see what he can get away with......not a lot, as it happens!

So there we are, ponies 'r' us!! And Sky is taller than the pair of them.......

Ali tried something new when we got back, Fina didn't seem to mind!

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