Sunday, 27 November 2011

Interdressage again

Filmed a couple of classes yesterday, had to use Fina as the others are disgustingly filthy and there are marks for turnout. The Nordic Princess manages to stay very clean, she's obviously not a mud monster like Sky and Chester.

Here's Ali doing Manners, Ability and Performance:

And both of us doing the shared horse showing class, this was about take 4:
.......because as usual with Seraphina, there were a few outtakes!!

We put her in Ches's Myler bit this time, she argues less than with her usual one, but tends to overbend more.
Once we'd finished the Interdressage, we went back to the garden and Ali did a bit of practise with the bitless bridle. We reckon she's happier in that than the Myler for sure......

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Di said...

Great vids, love the last one with the poles! I think you're right, she seems to like the bosal.

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