Friday, 25 November 2011

Better bitless?

I have decided to start Skyfaxa bitless, and ordered a type of bosal bridle for her. Yesterday I thought I'd try it on Seraphina, as she does seem to have issues with her bit, she pulls, chews it, and tries to evade by lifting her head and opening her mouth......

So this is what happened:

She was really listening and you could see her thinking about it.......will have to try that some more. She was originally started bitless, maybe it will suit her better to go back to it.......

Barefoot, bitless, I am a qualified tree hugger these days ;-)


Martine said...

Just start swinging the crystals around them to find where they are sore and burn healing candles in their stables (yes really, I know someone who did this, much to the horror of the Yard Owner) - then you'll be a true tree-hugger-hippy horsewoman!
I'm not convinced by the whole bitless thing so I will watch with interest. I found this article interesting :’s-about-having-choice

Di said...

Bitless flexions, great! You both look to be enjoying yourselves!

trudi said...

That was an interesting article Martine, thanks. David Hunt who is quoted started his BD training of trainers by explaining how draw reins work, he's hardly likely to be a bitless fan then I guess, lol. I personally believe it may be possible to ride from the start up to GP without a bit, why wouldn't it be but I do agree that used harsly a bit free option is no more mild than a bit, as always is about the quality of training.
I love Seraphina's attitude without the bit, she's a star!

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