Sunday, 13 November 2011

Fast ride

As the weather is still ridiculously good, I have managed to go riding every day for a week, which is a bit of a first for me!!

Today Gandalf and I went out with Gary  and Soso. We had a bit of a hooley, lots of nice places to canter in the vines, Gandalf at one point was flat out galloping to stop Soso overtaking him, Soso just cruised past at a canter.......poor G just can't do the speed!!

He did jump a ditch that Soso refused to go over though

When we got back we couldn't resist going over the log that's still there from the trec course either.....

Here's the map & pics thingy:

and this is how sweaty he got trying to keep up!!

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Martine said...

That everytrail thing is brilliant - I must download it.
Looks like a lovely hack!

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