Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Another wet walk.....

It wasn't too hot this morning so we took the baby girls out for a walk. They were glad to get out and eat some actual grass......Skyfaxa has evidently decided she's not spotty enough and has redecorated herself accordingly. With her own poo, naturally.

We were accompanied by one of Ali's little admirers (who are always hanging out on their bikes and demanding her company), the girls are used to bikes now!
The sky took on a somewhat sombre aspect once we'd got too far from home to dash back.....

....and we got soaked. The French drove past us wearing expressions clearly conveying their opinion that we were mad.  Cue whingey children all the way home. Éowyn was like a talking doll that had got stuck saying "Mummy, I'm all wet". Aliénor helpfully pointed out that you could see my bra when my tshirt was wet.

Kids, doncha just love 'em?

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