Sunday, 15 August 2010

Dusting the girls!

I was reading a magazine today with an article about Sarah Weston, who has written a book called  No Fear, No Force, all about how to handle semi feral foals. One of the techniques she uses involves stroking them with a feather duster, so I dug ours out (which, let's face it, sees very little action in the house) and took it out to the girls.

Predicably, Sky was not bothered by it at all, and after sniffing it a bit allowed me to stroke her with it whilst she carried on munching hay.
And equally predictably, Kinna was a whole lot less cool with it, she sniffed it then decided she didn't like it and moved away every time I got it close to her.
Then Ali came out to see what I was doing, so I let her take over with Kinna, at first Kinna was having none of it but once she realized it didn't actually hurt, she was fine.......

Will have to think of more unusual stuff to introduce them to, it's all good education..........

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