Thursday, 12 August 2010

Dressage and donkeys

Bit of a disappointing day today. Ali wanted to do this month's Interdressage class, which is basically the same as last month but with the addition of two small jumps. Gandalf however had other ideas......
The practise run went well....
but after we went to all the trouble of plaiting him and Ali got all her togs on, he did one decent jump, then decided he couldn't be bothered any more and demolished it at every attempt.

Looks like he was going to clear it in that pic - but no, he caught it with his hind leg. So we called it a day, he's never going to be a jumping horse. There's always next month......

We saw Rossy and Buffalo as well today, Buffy has dropped a bit of weight recently and is looking old (well, he is 36!) but he can still put the upstart donkey in his place!!

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