Saturday, 28 August 2010

Pony rides......

We went on the annual "randonnée", or ramble in Bonneville on Friday, it's a six km walk followed by the inevitable meal. As I'd been helping to prepare the meal for two days (they wanted an "English" meal so we did roast turkey with sage & onion stuffing followed by trifle for 170 people) I was a bit knackered so decided to bring Gandalf with me and have a sit down.
Well, that lasted all of five minutes, Ali immediately decided she wanted to ride.

After a while, they both wanted to get off, great, I thought, but then Jane's grandchildren wanted a sit on him

They didn't like the idea of him actuall moving though, so they got off again. Then we got some random French kids on board, then Éowyn wanted to get back on......

So I ended up walking anyway. Chocolate came too and was very well behaved, the kids loved her. She put up will all the manhandling very well......
When it started to get dark I took Gandalf home, they light flaming torches at that point and he wasn't too keen on them!! Maverick, who had been left behind in the stable, being unable to cope with crowds, dogs, small people running around etc., was so pleased to see him he gave him a nice big bite, as if to say "where have you been til this time?!"

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