Friday, 6 August 2010

Greedy fat horse......

 Had some new hay delivered yesterday. Gandalf marched straight up to it and started munching. Anyone would think the poor boy was wasting away......every time I went out to check on them, he was eating. He wouldn't let the girls anywhere near the stuff so in the end I shut him in the box for a while so they could get a look in.
Same thing this morning, he just doesn't seem to know when to stop! So now he's back inside (much to the disgust of the ducks who were happily going through the poo in there for choice morsels, my chooks and ducks just love horse poo!) and Mav is next to him with his head over the door, they're like an old married couple, have to be together all the time.

Hot here today and lots of flies so they've all got their "gas masks" on. Poor Kinna has such a sad excuse for a tail (that's Appys for you) that maybe I should get her some extensions so she could actually use it to move a fly or two......

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