Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fina's first jumping competition

Had a great day today. Bit of a change from the rain on last week's Rallye, glorious sunshine, we've gone from worrying about keeping the horses dry to worrying about them getting too hot in the sun!

We found the place easily enough, less than an hour's drive away, parked up, unloaded and had our picnic. The girls' class was due to start at 2, but allowing for French faff time this became 3.......Fina got bored of her haynet after an hour or so, so I took her for a little wander round the show in hand. She neighed and neighed at the other horses, the people by the collecting ring thought this was very funny and she soon attracted a crowd of admirers. She didn't seem too stressed though! After a while I took her back to be tacked up, Ali rode her around for a bit, she was cool with that.
Then it was time to walk the course, or jump the course according to Ali and Hollie.....

They then raced off to get on the horses and mill about aimlessly with the rest of the competitors for a bit until they were allowed into the collecting ring. They popped the jumps in there fine,
then there was more milling about until it was time to do the round.

Fina put in a huge jump over the first which was a spread, this surprised Ali somewhat and she had to work hard to steady her after that and dropped down to a trot. Unfortunately she lost too much impulsion so had a refusal at the fourth, but apart from that, Ali got her round (despite some arguing from Missy) and left all the poles up!

Here's the video

Ali was delighted with her and can't wait for the next show.......

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Martine said...

Brilliant! Bet you're a proud mummy too :-)

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