Friday, 2 March 2012


Went up to Jane's today to see the big girl, Jane hasn't had time to do much with the horses recently as she's been busy working, but as I had the afternoon off from the SNO she asked me to come and show her some of this stuff I'd been doing with Chester. So I have lent her my Philippe Karl DVD and I showed her some of the "high hands" stuff today. Ocarina tends to lean on the bit and not take much notice of a contact so we did some groundwork first.

She went from this

to this in a relatively short time
then we progressed to mounted work

She has formed a real attachment to Maverick and if he went out of sight it all went out the window, so that's going to need some work too.......and she's always trying to rush everywhere too so Jane's going to work on getting her to slow down a bit.

Ali asked if she could ride Mav (something she wouldn't even have considered doing a year ago, shows how much having Fina has done for her confidence). He tried the usual stuff (napping, reversing) to get out of doing some work, you could almost see him thinking how much he could try and get away with, I reckon he thought he'd retired ;-)  but she got him listening to her and they had some fun

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