Friday, 23 March 2012

Taking Kinna for a spin

Haven't taken Kinna out for ages, not since the Eric Trelut weekend, so today I saddled up Chester and took her out for a stroll. Was expecting some shenanigans, but she wasn't too bad at all, having a good look round at everything, but staying pretty calm really.
We met a tractor, bicycles, a rattly lorry (3 times, think he was lost) and various dogs, sheep and goats and she didn't seem to think any of these were going to eat her. Ches thought they were all very interesting and kept calling to things, like crowing roosters.... :-/

We went past the fruit trees, these were OK

and we found a new track, nice canter track.......

 but unfortunately, Kinna's stride is significantly longer than Ches's, she being rather well endowed in the leg department, and him, um, well, after one disastrous attempt (picture a pygmy goat trying to keep pace with a baby giraffe) we had to confine ourselves to trotting and even then she kept trying to get ahead of him and biting him. She looks all timid and worried, but she's shaping up to be a right bossy mare, she had a go at poor old Gandalf the other day, he is definitely not in charge of her any more!!

When we saw another horse, she wanted to go and make her mark, exactly the same as Fina does, I had to reel her back in to carry on with us!

The only spook was caused by some horse eating flappy green plastic on a fence, there was a bit of a breeze today, so she skittered about somewhat until she clocked Ches, head down and munching right in front of it and decided it was safe after all......

We did about 8kms today, must try and get her out on a more regular basis, for her feet as much as anything.....

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trudi said...

Lovely looking tracks and what a pretty head!

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